Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage has probably been practiced by most traditional cultures since ancient times. For centuries and across all cultures it is known, that the belly button is the center of the body. In the East, Japanese Ampuku (literally: palpating the stomach) evolved into a sophisticated healing art originating with Shinsai Ota in the 17th Century. Ota treatedall diseases through the hara regardless of where they manifest in the body and focused on sensing and treating five hara signs: fullness, emptiness, pulsing, tension and lumps. Ampuku is still practiced in Japan although skilled teachers and therapists are hard to find.

Chi Nei tsang (internal organ chi massage) is a Taoist approach to hara massage introduced to the West by Master Mantak Chia. It is a system of healing that focuses on the internal organs, as well as the circulation, lymphatic system, digestive, eliminative, nerve centers of the body, tendon muscle system and the acupuncture meridians (Chi system). These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen, which acts as their control center. Chi Nei Tsang uses energetic techniques and manipulations to untangle knots and release obstructions.

Another style is Mayan abdominal massage (Arvigo), which originates from traditional South American Indian healing and has been popularized by Rosita Arvigo. Mayan abdominal massage is best known for helping with issues of the reproductive system, particularly malposition of the uterus.

More recently Wurn Technique practiced at the Clear Passage Clinic in America has produced encouraging research evidence for the manual release of abdominal and pelvic adhesion’s in the treatment of a wide range of reproductive and urogenital problems.

The Osteopathic tradition also works with the hara. Jean Pierre Barral’s Visceral Manipulation uses light touch and principles from cranial osteopathy to work directly with the internal organs.

I have been interested in abdominal massage for a long time because I believe working with it can help heal the whole body. I studied Russian Old Abdominal Massage in Russia, Mayan (Arvigo) Technic, Chi Nei Tsang in Thailand, Visceral manipulations with Barral Institute. I combine all of the techniques I have studied to find the right approach for each patient. I believe that healing occurs when there is a good relationship (dialogue) between the therapist and the patient; I work within your comfort level and listen to your concerns.